88. Justin Stone was an employee of DataCare Services, Inc. His salary was $45,000 through… 1 answer below »

88.  Justin Stone was an employee of DataCare Services, Inc. His salary was $45,000 through November 10, 2014, when he was laid off. DataCare Services provided medical insur- ance for Justin and his family during his employment and agreed to continue this cover- age through the end of 2014. He received $7,000  of unemployment  compensation  from November 11, 2014 through December 31, 2014. FICA withholdings were as follows:   Social   Security   of   $2,790   ($45,000 x 6:2%)   and  Medicare   of  $653

($45,000 x 1:45%). Justin lives at 112 Green Road, Crown City, OH 45623. His Social

Security number is 111-11-1111. Justin owned an apartment building until November

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22, 2014, when he sold it for $200,000. For 2014, he had rent revenue of $33,000. He incurred and paid expenses as follows: $4,568 of repairs, $22,000 of mortgage interest, and $1,000 of miscellaneous expenses. He purchased the building on January 2, 2008, for $125,000. The building generated an operating profit each year that Justin owned it.

Other information follows:

•     On November 22, 2014, Justin sold for $3,500 equipment that had been used for repairing various items in the apartments. The equipment was purchased for

$25,000 on July 10, 2007, and was fully depreciated prior to 2014.

•     Justin has $3,000 of unrecaptured § 1231 losses from prior years.

•     Justin is age 38; is  single; is divorced; and has custody of  his 9-year-old son,  Flint.  Justin provides more than 50% of Flint’s support. Flint’s Social Security number is 123-45-6789.

•     Justin had $1,000 interest income from Blue Corporation bonds.

•     Justin had $1,500 interest income from a State Bank certificate of deposit.

•     Justin had a $2,000 0%/15%/20% long-term capital gain distribution from the Brown Stock Investment Fund.

•     Justin had the following itemized deductions: $4,600 real estate taxes on his  home; $8,900 mortgage interest on his home; $4,760 charitable contributions (all in cash, properly documented, and no single contribution exceeded $25); $4,300 state income tax withholding during 2014; $2,000 state estimated income tax pay- ments during 2014; $2,600 sales taxes paid.

•     Justin does not want to donate to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

•     He had $12,000 of Federal income tax withholding during 2014 and made total Federal estimated income tax payments of $14,000 during 2014.

Compute Justin’s 2014 net tax payable or refund due. If you use tax forms for    your computations, you will need Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, D, and E. You will also need Form 4797. Suggested software: H&R BLOCK Tax   Software.



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