6.32. What is the maximum speed at which (a) a 60-Hz , (b) a 50-Hz, synchronous machine can be…

6.32.            What is the maximum speed at which (a) a 60-Hz, (b) a 50-Hz, synchronous machine can be operated?

Ans. (a)  3600 rpm ;  (b) 3000 rpm                                                            ·


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6.33.            The flux-density distribution in the airgap of a 1200-rpm, 60-Hz synchronous machine is B(9) =

0.7 cos 0. The armature has an 80-tum coil in each phase and is wye-connected. Determine the rms value of the line voltage if the axial length of the armature is 160 mm and its diameter is 120 mm. Ans.   165.5 V



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