To start our discussion, think about how the greenhouse effect of Earth’s atmosphere works. How is it similar and dissimilar to a real greenhouse? Has it changed over time? How can it be moderated? Feel free to take your discussion beyond these starting points.
1. Fossil Fuels

4 page essay on Renewable Energy


Find new information on your topic of choice. Write a clear, focused, well-organized essay that indicates you thoroughly understand your source material, and topic.


There are four possible topics:

1. Fossil Fuels

2. Renewable Energy

3. Air Pollution

4. Design your own topic – your topic has to be approved by me

You need to pick one of these four options. Remember: you can only write once about a given topic in a semester.

For your topic, pick an environmental problem or a solution to a problem. Describe the science behind the problem. Identify and explain opposing views on the problem where they exist. Critically evaluate the opposing views for reliance on data and facts versus rhetoric or political ideology. Present your views on the topic, but be sure to maintain a 3rd-person, passive voice in stating your arguments. [See the instructions below and recall the guidance given in class.]


Aim for the essay to be ~1000 words long. Include and cite at least two peer-reviewed journals, government documents, or other significant academic sources. Simple websites are not acceptable.

Slightly longer or shorter essays are OK, but you will lose points if you are off by more than ±25%. Your list of references does not count against the 1000 words. Write your essay in a technical, formal style. Do not use colloquial terms. Use a passive form (i.e. do not use the word “I”). Write for another GEOS 330 student. Make sure that you introduce/define all the terms and concepts before you actually discuss their effects. For example, you need to describe ozone, CFCs, and UV radiation before you can clearly discuss how these different factors affect stratospheric ozone loss.


The following rubric will be used for your essay:


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