1. Using (5.45) and (5.46) show that ? T /? S = C P /C V . 2. Consider a solid material for which… 1 answer below »

1. Using (5.45) and (5.46) show that κT/κS = CP/CV.

2. Consider a solid material for which 1/κT ≈ [ε/(2V0)][(2ΓCVT/ε)(V0/V)−3(V0/V)3] and β ≈ (1/T) 1+3(ε/(2ΓCVT))(V0/V)2 , where ε is a constant with the units of energy, Γ is a dimensionless constant and V0 is a reference volume less than V [103]. The temperature range is such that we may assume that the specific heat at constant volume CV is independent of temperature. Find the thermal equation of state.


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